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Virginia City
Annual Mark Twain Birthday Party:
A Roaring Success

Fistfight at Bucket of Blood Saloon results an two arrests

Nov. 30, 1998 - Party animals from around the Comstock and as far away as New York and Sweden congregated at the Mark Twain Saloon for an event, which has become a Comstock tradition. Revelers at Mark Twain's annual November 30th birthday party took festivities into C Street and by midnight had made their way to Virginia City's famous Bucket of Blood Saloon where everyone partied on into the wee hours of the morning.

The party was interrupted by only one incident, a fistfight that broke out briefly over a slot machine. Both parties, from Bakersfield, CA, were detained overnight at the Storey County jail, awaiting arraignment in the morning for disorderly conduct, and verbally abusing several party-goers.


A Message from the White House
President congratulates Territorial Enterprise going on line

Dec. 1, 1998 - Amidst the cheers of its friends, including the president of the United States, The Territorial Enterprise this week celebrated one hundred forty years on the Comstock as one of the institutional properties of the Old West, an active and functional survival of the era of stagecoaches and six guns.

Like such contemporaries in the household names of the Western Continent as Wells Fargo and Union Pacific, it is still in business at the old stand only thirty miles from Genoa (pronounced GeNOa by locals) where it first saw the light of the Nevada day in 1858.

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