Travel Is Fatal!
    To Prejudices and Biases
     ~ Mark Twain


To Virginia City



Photo by Joe Altman

The snow is gone and the sun is shining.
It's the perfect time to arrive in Virginia City!!!
Take our editor's advice:
"Go West to the Comstock ~ and Take your Pick!"
As you stroll the old boardwalks of the town, keep in mind that what you're experiencing is real, Which gives a quality that can't be touched by a Hollywood type operation. This 142-year old city is ever-evolving, but continuously fighting to preserve the flavor of its cosmopolitan origins.

Virginia City has the unique ability for visitors to be able to enjoy it whether here for just a few hours or weeks. No matter how long you're here, you simply won't get enough. Once you get hooked on Virginia City, you're hooked forever.

One minute you might be enjoying a delicious piece of homemade fudge and the next minute find yourself back three hundred feet in a mine shaft. Or be shopping for Black Hills Gold and find yourself in costume having an old-time photograph taken. How about eating Chinese food and retiring to a suite in an old mansion complete with copper tub. . .

Perhaps you'll come to take art lessons or to buy art, or to view the Victorian art or find out about Art Eco.

Perhaps you'll come here to get married - or divorced.

Perhaps you'll come to view and photograph the incredible assortment of architecture - or to see strip mining in action - or to see a decaying mill or a modern one that processes 1,000 tons per day.

You might come here in the summer when the boardwalks are packed, or try us at our Fire Sale in October or during our Christmas season when you can buy unusual gifts and enjoy a hot toddy for the body at the same time.

From action at Camel Race time to ghost town peace in the late winter nights, it's all here for you to take in at your leisure.

One of the fascinating things that happens, is although you come for just a few hours, you find yourself coming back again and again for longer periods, for all sorts of reasons.

But no matter why you come, just keep on coming, and discover Virginia City. The most beautiful thing about this place is that it's real!

We hope you thoroughly enjoy this fantastic and intriguing place!

Find out more about travel arrangements and events:
Virginia City Convention & Tourism Authority
86 South C Street - PO Box 920
Virginia City, NV 89440-0920
Phone: (775) 847-7500
Fax: (775) 847-0935
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