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Our Policy
The policy of this publication is to bedevil, bamboozle, bewilder and gently blaspheme those bastions of pomposity proliferating in every nook and cranny of our fair land.
Fair game for editorial salvoes are politicians, the clergy, the military, our legislature, fellow journalists, tax collectors, corporate flimflammers, real estate peddlers, whore-masters, public utilities and various snake oil salesmen of every stripe, color, and description.
As Mark Twain so aptly put it . . ."Our duty is to keep the universe thoroughly posted concerning murders and streetfights, and balls, and theatres, and pack-trains, and churches, and lectures, and schoolhouses, and city affairs, and highway robberies and Bible societies and haywagons, and a thousand other things which it is in the province of local reporters to keep track of and magnify into undo importance for the instruction of the readers."
The saying is old that truth should not be spoken at all times; and those whom a sick conscience worries into habitual violation of the maxim are imbeciles and nuisances.
Our national skies are chock full of balloons filled with hot political helium. It is our considered opinion that these gaudy vehicles need immediate popping. Rascally politicians swinging their issues like dead cats should be attired with tar and feathers and ridden to the nearest city limits.
We take particular and frequent delight in stripping the gossamer vestments from our sanctimonius clergy who preen into sainthood and profit on the boob tube.
These grandiose electric pulpiteers orate their tedious preachments, calling down fire and brimstone on fundamentalists nearly brain-dead from biblical balderdash and sitcoms.
Barristers, now as numerous as flies on a dead horse, will be unmasked for their sleezy tricks and Machiavellian treacheries.
These diligent legal pickpockets pave our roads daily with misery and line their pockets with our gold.
Territorial Enterprise
This publication often speaks the truth, if it can be found anywhere on the premises of this planet - we believe, however, that the principal of truth may itself be carried to an absurdity.

We shall castigate the military as they continue in their insane quest to turn our fields, forests, cities and citizens into nuclear cornflakes. It is useless to comprehend a motive in the denizens of the Pentagon, who believe themselves not accountable to the laws of heaven or earth.
We are aided in this quest by writers of national quality and stature. We welcome those with axes to grind, causes to espouse, banners to be waved, statues to be toppled, duplicity to be unmasked and deviltry to be done.
Certainly we devise and perpetuate hoaxes of all imaginable sizes, varieties and amusements. We believe that man's sanity is best preserved by laughter, at both himself and his institutions. The welfare and continued moral and financial prosperity of our fellowman is of paramount importance to this publication.
We religiously support the common man in his uncommon endeavors to survive buffoons and bureaucrats.
Our loyalty is to the child who, upon seeing the emperor in all his imaginary finery, called out to the admiring crowd, "Look, the emperor is naked!"
--The Editors

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